Unveiling the Power of Asaichi Meetings in the Toyota Production System (TPS)


In the dynamic realm of the Toyota Production System (TPS), one practice stands out for its ability to ignite operational excellence – Asaichi meetings. These brief, focused gatherings have become an integral part of the TPS, fostering collaboration, problem-solving, and continuous improvement. In this article, I explore the profound impact of Asaichi meetings and how they contribute to the success of the TPS.

Understanding Asaichi Meetings:

Asaichi meetings are held on the shop floor or designated meeting areas within the production facility. Their location enables a closer connection to the actual work being done, facilitating real-time discussions and observations. Lasting around 10-15 minutes, these meetings are concise yet impactful, addressing immediate concerns and promoting quick decision-making.

The Participants:

Asaichi meetings bring together a diverse range of participants, including production team members, managers, supervisors, subject matter experts, and cross-functional representatives. This collaborative approach ensures that various perspectives and expertise are leveraged, leading to effective problem-solving and innovative solutions.

Key Topics Covered:

Safety always takes precedence in Asaichi meetings, emphasizing the commitment to employee well-being and a secure working environment. Other topics include production performance, quality concerns, bottlenecks, standard work procedures, and employee suggestions. The comprehensive coverage of these topics ensures a holistic approach to addressing challenges and driving continuous improvement.

The Targets:

Asaichi meetings serve as a platform to identify and address issues or challenges that may arise in the production processes. By promptly recognizing these obstacles, management can provide the necessary support and resources to resolve them, preventing potential disruptions and optimizing operations.

The Importance of Top Management Participation:

Top management’s involvement in Asaichi meetings is pivotal. Their presence demonstrates their commitment to continuous improvement and reinforces their leadership role. By actively engaging in these meetings, top management gains a firsthand understanding of the challenges and can provide timely support and guidance, promoting a culture of excellence throughout the organization.

Key Benefits of Asaichi Meetings:

One significant advantage of Asaichi meetings is the ability to obtain a comprehensive overview of issues in a short span of time. This quick exchange of information enables management to make immediate decisions, take prompt actions, and drive smooth production processes. Asaichi meetings also foster a sense of ownership and empowerment among team members, contributing to enhanced productivity and continuous improvement.


Asaichi meetings are a cornerstone of the Toyota Production System (TPS), facilitating collaboration, problem-solving, and continuous improvement. By bringing together diverse perspectives, addressing immediate concerns, and promoting a culture of excellence, these concise meetings play a vital role in driving operational success. Embrace the power of Asaichi meetings, and unlock the full potential of your organization’s production processes.

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