Comparison: Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

企业家 [qǐyèjiā] Entrepreneur In the La Trobe GSM subject ‘Entrepreneurial Business Planning’, Kama Knudsen and I researched and presented and compared and contrasted the definitions of a Small Business Owner and an Entrepreneur.

Below is the summary of this research:


Defining The Small Business Owner

An individual who establishes, independently owns & manages a business for the purpose of furthering personal goals and agendas.

– Majority of time and resources consumed by business

– Not dominant in the field/industry

– No ongoing development of innovative practises

– Not actively &/or continuously seeking out new opportunities.

– Business strategy – price, quality & reputation.

– Business contacts developed on personal basis

– Limited delegation of authority &/or responsibility

– Status quo orientation

(Wagener, Gorgievski & Rijsdijk, 2010; Runyan, Droge, & Swinney, 2008; Carland, Hoy, Boutlon & Carland, 1984)


Defining The Entrepreneur

An individual who is innately driven to continuously & actively seek out opportunities to do things in new or innovative way, & also possesses the ability & capacity to act upon/exploit such opportunities.

– For the purpose of profit, growth &/or the collective benefit of society.

– Willingness to take on calculated personal or financial risk, & responsibility for success or failure.

– Able to cope & even thrive in face of the unknown.

– Resilience to withstand criticism and/or failure, learn from this & persevere with their vision.

– Openness towards new ideas, people, experiences & innovations

(Wagener et al, 2010; Cope, 2005; Thompson, 2004; Littunen, 2000; Cunningham & Lischeron, 1991; Carland et al, 1984)


Overlaps of Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur

– Individual’s time & resources consumed by venture

– Personal networking

– Seek independence/freedom/autonomy

– Following personal interest/passion

– Market Orientation

– Self Efficacy

This equals a Business Owner (Wagener et al, 2010)


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