HSK: The Complete Hanban lists with English definitions

汉语水平考试 [hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì] HSKHi all,

I’m populating the HSK Levels with definitions from Popup Chinese, Lingomi and CC-DICT. In the attached Excel file the levels 1-3 are now complete. This is ‘only’ 600 of the 5000 words that I need to do but it is at least a start.

I want to choose English definitions represents the meaning of the character or word as it is (and according to the pinyin pronunciation as defined by Hanban). I found that Popup Chinese was often too concise while Lingomi was mostly a dictionary dump from CC-DICT that often was too long and included meanings beyond the word or character.

Also, pinyin comes in three different forms: the orginal Hanban form where the words are not separated [yìjǔliǎngdé], spaced tone form [yì jǔ liǎng dé] and numbered tones [yi4 ju3 liang3 de2].

I would appreciate your feedback or input to this list. If you want to update the Excel file then please do so with Review function on so that I can track the changes. The Excel sheet can be manipulated with different filters and sort methods and a learner of Chinese can upload the file into his or her favorite Chinese learning tool. It will be the base vocabulary list for the upcoming iHanzi flashcard app for iPhone.

I hope this will help students or other app developers out there. I aim to keep these lists open-source so that they can be shared and improved over time.

111104 HSK – master

3 comments to HSK: The Complete Hanban lists with English definitions

  • Dinh

    Hi David,
    Thank you for sharing this list. It’s thoughtful of you to include 3 forms of pinyin representation. I personally prefer the second form: spaced tone form. Also there are 3 “different” definitions for the same word entry. This list would suit everybody’s needs and requirements.

  • Terry Le

    Thankyou for your hard work…Save me a lot of time to look for the definitons in English..

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