HSK: The Complete Hanban lists

汉语水平考试 [hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì] HSK Are you studying for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or Chinese proficiency test?

Here is a complete listing of all vocabulary of the New Hanban 6 levels.

The original vocabulary lists show hanzi and pinyin (accented without word space) only. The English definitions are left out.

Lingomi and Popup Chinese have published lists with English definitions where Popup has gone minimalistic and using very brief and often very limited definitions. Lingomi has drawn definitions from CC-DICT which can be a little too much like a dictionary.

Both of these lists have quite a few errors in either their hanzi and pinyin content or pronunciation which is why I publish the proper ones here.

I am compiling a complete list with different pinyin spellings such as:

zìdiǎn zì diǎn zi4 dian3 字典

And a compiled English definition to go with this.

Please leave me a note below if you need a list in a special format and I’d be happy to share.

You can download, open up and then sort or manipulate the content as you wish. All in all, the list consists of 5000 words with a level breakdown as following:

Level Words
Level 1 150
Level 2 150
Level 3 300
Level 4 600
Level 5 1300
Level 6 2500

Wish you good luck with your studies.

Sharing is caring. Share and link with fellow students or anyone that would need a complete list.

These lists have been review for errors several times and should be free from errors. If you find any, please send me a note and I will check and fix. Many thanks.

HSK – The complete list

3 comments to HSK: The Complete Hanban lists

  • Gawie Liebenberg

    Hi there,

    Many thanks for the information here.

    I am new to Mandarin learning. I want to study Mandarin fulltime in South Africa or China.

    Can you recommend some univeristies or language schools?

    Any help is much appreciated!


    • David Petersson

      Hi Gawie,

      There are lots of universities in China that teaches Mandarin.

      I suggest you ask some questions and look for some answers on Chinese Forums. There you will be able to meet current students and get their feedback to your questions.


      I suggest you inquire about:

      – location
      – curriculum
      – class sizes
      – costs
      – living
      – Traditional or Simplified Chinese (Taiwan or the Mainland)

      Good luck


  • I of course use Pleco as my go to taosnlrtar but I don’t think it’s AS amazing as everyone thinks. I am always surprised by certain words I can’t find. Like for example I looked up ATM the other day, and it is not in there. It’s also a total crap shoot about choosing the correct word for context. I use it sometimes in my ESL class and my students are always correcting me because it will give me the wrong word for the particular context. Much in the way, like if you looked up bei zi and got mug but you really need to you the word glass because you are trying to describe a glass cup.

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