Planning for Power Consumption in China

Electricity 电力 [diànlì] David Petersson 潘德伟

For manufacturers, ensuring the stability of your operation means getting solid infrastructure in place, and for most manufacturing that means power. Before you flip the switch on your China facility take some simple steps to make sure that you have access to the power that you need.

Although China’s electrical grid has improved in recent . . . → Read More: Planning for Power Consumption in China

Wanna be in China?

The Chinese market has undergone enormous transformation since I first arrived in 1989. At that time, some 80% of the population lived on the countryside with only 20% in the cities. This ratio has changed to 40% living in the cities today. The Megapolises of the Yangtze River Delta Megapolis (Shanghai-Hangzhou-Nanjing-Ningbo-Suzhou) now consists of 97 . . . → Read More: Wanna be in China?