Recruitment Formula

When I recruit high-performers, I probe candidates using a formula (developed by Lou Adler and outlined in his book “the essential guide for Hiring & Getting Hired” The formula looks like this:


The purpose is to identify the Core or Basic Competencies. These include:

  • Talent: The ability to do the job
  • Management: The ability to manage ones work so that it is done on time, properly and consistently
  • Team: That the person has the necessary people skills or EQ – necessary to for the job
  • Thinking: The ability to understand and solve job related problems

Equally important is to establish the Situational Fit:

  • Job: Is the person actually interested and motivated to do the actual job?
  • Managerial Fit: Does the person fit with the hiring manager, able to work with the resources available, handle the workload and accept the decision making process?
  • Cultural Fit: Will the person be able to fit in with the company’s culture, pace, values and mission?

Take all this and multiply it twice with Motivation (where the main drivers are the Situational Fit). Actual motivation is actually the hardest part to figure out.